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Mountaintop views from a new life

It’s funny how quickly moods and passions change. A short time ago I was a freshman in college in New York City and couldn’t get enough of opera. When I first came to Massachusetts, I wanted to continue seeing as many shows as possible each month – leftover from my time as a writer for BroadwayWorld. Then I discovered the beautiful landscape of New England and wanted to spend all my extra time exploring. This past weekend, however, I was reminded how much I can enjoy a simple scenic drive without all the hiking. And yesterday, I felt a little tired and ready for a break from the exercise and exploration.

I feel that way a bit this morning too. Maybe it’s just because it’s early and I’d much rather be soundly asleep on the comfortable mattress that was kindly donated to me. I mean, despite how I felt, I still went for a short hike yesterday after work. Mind you, I knew it was supposed to rain all week, and this would be my only chance to go for a hike until the weekend.

Mount Greylock summit

The view from Mount Greylock summit

Overall, I’m enjoying my independence. But after the high, there’s the low. Perhaps that’s why, by the end of a long holiday weekend, I actually was ready to go back to work yesterday. Who knew vacation could be so exhausting? And for me, every weekend is a vacation right now. But, again, after all the high excitement, I’ll often become homesick and miss California. Not the heat. No, I’ll never miss the heat. Yesterday the high here was 80 degrees, and that was too warm for me! But I do miss my parents, my friends, Apple Hill and the mountains. I visited the highest mountain in Massachusetts on Saturday and the elevation was lower than my home in Twain Harte – less than 4000 feet. But they still call it a mountain! It was beautiful, though, and the vistas made me feel a little closer to home. If you’re ever in Massachusetts, I highly recommend you visit the Berkshires… and me. You should definitely visit me.

By the way… by the time I’ve finished writing this post, I now have rekindled my desire to visit the Berkshires more! Now if only my wallet would cooperate.

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  1. Meleani says:

    Thank you for sharing your heart on this blog. It makes me feel like you are not so far away.


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