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The ups and downs of changing states

My old car license plate now decorates my office cubical.

Out of all the states I could have moved to, Massachusetts is likely the most difficult to change license plates, insurance and drivers license for. When I first conceived of this blog post, I imagined I would talk about being torn between California and Massachusetts. I told myself I would commit to two years and see what happens… maybe move back to California. So, making my car a Massachusetts car felt very final… and that’s why I was reluctant to get it done. But the whole process of signing up for insurance, paying the various fees, getting my car inspected and then having to get my windshield replaced brought me to tears and soured my growing love for New England.

I didn’t feel so torn anymore. In fact, after experiencing real homesickness maybe only two or three days in the four months I’d been here, the stress finally got to me and I spent a whole day in bed crying. But God was watching over me, and everything is done now with my car, at least until I have to get it inspected again next year… that is, provided it doesn’t break down or need any major repairs. It’d better not! I’ve almost paid it off and am looking forward to having that $200 a month back in my budget!

But all things said and done, aside from the normal stresses of working a full-time job with my self-confidence issues, I’m beginning to think I’m taking advantage of God’s providence. As I was out and about on this beautiful fall day, I took in the surrounding hills and the beginning of the changing of the leaves. The shopping center I was at almost reminded me of Sonora, California and its nearby hills. I felt a moment of thankfulness for living in such a beautiful area (aside from Worcester, itself). And God has provided in so many ways, from the flight home for Christmas to new church homes to the very beginning of this change in home when a neighbor offered her flight miles so I could visit my new work place. Even as I make mistakes at work and think of my family in California, I know I must be in the right place. So many doors have opened, and I’m trying so hard to carry on and stay positive.

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  1. Meleani says:

    Your positive attitude will become a greater part of you more and more as you continue to grow and when yiu come home you may even miss MA some!


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