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The New England landscape

Buffumville Lake

Buffumville Lake has a nice hiking path around the parameter.

California is isolated. Mountains and desert separate it from other states and Mexico. It’s also a very large state. What a change to be in New England where a quick drive will take you to another state!

I had my first doctor appointment recently and the location was mere minutes from Connecticut. If you’ve been following me on Facebook, you know that since I moved to Worcester, I have visited to New Hampshire, New York, Rhode Island, Connecticut and Maine (whoops, almost included an Oxford comma there). A few trips to the beach and a little bit of research and now all of a sudden I want to see everything. I have a sudden desire to get back to these beautiful locations and hike these unique landscapes. California had its share of state parks and beauties, but I never felt quite this overwhelmed with the desire to explore. I only wish my health agreed with my emotions, as my legs don’t like hiking as much as my heart.

The landscape here is different from California. Most of New England (at least the parts I’ve visited) has a similar look and feel, covered with trees and small bodies of water (so many lakes to visit). Mixed between cities and small towns are forests that feel out of place compared to California, where all the mountain’s scenic spots were separated from society. In fact, because these New England areas are so near towns, the crowds are quite large… at least at the beaches. Everything remains green during the summer, too, and I find myself anxious for the fall colors, waiting just around the corner.

I’ve been in Worcester an entire summer now, but I’m just beginning to get to know the area. If you feel like doing some research, or if you’ve visited New England before, be sure to comment with your suggestions on where I should visit. Unfortunately, budget is a factor, and I feel like I’ll never complete my list!

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  1. Meleani says:

    I am so happy that you are discovering the beauties of where you live. And I look forward to the incrediblle pictures you will take when seeing the fall colors turn soon. I miss you….


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