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Leslie Davis,Board Member & Event Organizer, Columbia Chamber of Commerce

Harmony is a whiz at social media and designing posters, and she’s a well-met young woman, a friendly asset.

Irene Neller, Vice President of University Communications and Marketing, Biola University

Harmony is a go-getter that we loved having on the Biola PR team. She’s the quintessential reporter that will get the PR you need. She knows how to work social media to its advantage, and is a great writer and great with cameras.

Jenna Bartlo, Media Relations Coordinator, University Communications and Marketing, Biola University

Harmony is a hard worker and a go-getter. Her skill set is only made more valuable by her work ethic and consistent productivity. I highly recommend Harmony for any company looking for someone with great writing ability, a talent for putting words together quickly and knocking out a great press release that will insure interest.

Sharon Fain, “The Dominican Dream” (book) supervisor, Public Relations Professor, Biola University Journalism Department

As one of Harmony’s professors, I can attest to her brilliance in public relations. Harmony has a sharp mind, creative ideas and really understands strategy. She’s also a gifted writer and photographer. I highly recommend her!

Kim Mathie, Former Marketing Director, Sierra Repertory Theatre

As Marketing Assistant, Harmony contributed several stories for the e-newsletter, utilizing videotaped actor interviews to draft her stories and using the video footage to create interesting interviews.

While her background with video was limited at the time, she wasted no time in taking on the task. I would definitely say that Harmony is a go-getter. She used her own equipment and made herself available at Sierra Rep events. She attended shows, talked with patrons and actors. She pretty much launched our YouTube video channel and inspired me to learn some new skills myself.

Harmony Wheeler brought enthusiasm, talent and hard work and advanced the goals of the Marketing Department. Her dedication and willingness to take on challenges is a valuable skill that will come in handy no matter where she works.

Mark Joseph, Founder & Editor of BullyPulpit.com; Founder of MJM Entertainment Group; Huffington Post Blogger

Since I hired Harmony Wheeler to intern for me at MJM Entertainment Group, she has demonstrated a great passion and talent for public relations and the entertainment industry. I would recommend her for any media-related job looking for a hard working, qualified professional.

Harmony has consistently provided her full efforts in writing press releases, news updates, and fact sheets for MJM. She updated the RSS feed and main headline on our Bully! Pulpit website daily, and she has edited scripts and done research for proposals.

Harmony has shown a great desire to put knowledge and growth in her field first. She has participated in conference calls and helped with film screenings. With her love of words and her clear enjoyment in learning, she would make a great addition to your team.

Kathryn Watson, Former Editor-in-Chief for The Chimes student newspaper

Harmony brings a quiet determination to the team and project she is with that has never failed to impress me. Her ideas are practical, and she sees them through. She intuitively knows real news when she sees it, and is always more than willing to take on additional work for the sheer experience of it. More than that, her sense of humor and genuine care for others make her a delight to work with on a daily basis.

Greg Schneider, Professional Photographer; Professor, Biola University Journalism Department

When Harmony was my photojournalism student, she impressed me, not only with her diligence in completing assignments, but by the courage she demonstrated in her selection of meaningful, serious subjects.

Michael Longinow, Chair, Biola University Journalism Department

Harmony is a dedicated and serious-minded communicator whose writing is focused on audience as well as on contextual meaning. She studies the facts, the background of those facts, and their implications before committing to truth-telling. She is impatient with laxity of language, challenging the mundane in search of that which is forward-moving and progressive in communication. She is a team player who asks good questions and seeks answers not just for herself but for the benefit of the team and its goals.

Harmony is a diligent crafter of narrative and does it with critical thinking. She produces informed pieces because she’s had thorough training in the rudiments of good journalistic prose — strong lede, smooth transitions, well-informed context. She gets good quotes into her news and feature pieces because she asks good questions. 

Harmony can write, edit, do page design, interact successfully in team settings, and keep track of the minutiae that come with the multi-tasking of media operations. She files pieces of the puzzle in places where she can find them and puts them together as she’s able. She can work the phones and work the Web search engines in ways that bring answers in a timely fashion.

Harmony is one of the most driven reporters and writers I’ve seen over my 21 years in academia. She single-handedly supported the news section of The Chimes, cranking out stories in such a volume that I had concerns for her academic and personal equilibrium. I need not have worried. In fact, I think she was more comfortable crashing ahead with fury than she would have been cruising at her peers’ pace. 

Harmony got selected to take on the front page of The Chimes newspaper; that’s a three-page responsibility. And the burden of finding and pursuing breaking news (a never-ending and thankless task) has fallen on her shoulders. As might be expected given her capacity for hard work, she has never let her section down. But the craziness of that responsibility also did not deter her from applying to be part of a start-up news bureau launched this year by the university’s public relations team. She was selected. It’s a group that I heard about a while back but the PR department was looking for capable students to make it happen. They found them this year, and Harmony was one of the point people.

Jennifer Bauman-Roy, Former Biola Journalism Adjunct Professor; Freelance Broadcast Journalist

Harmony is smart, creative and full of energy. She’s one of those rare individuals who thrives under pressure, so she’s a perfect choice to do public relations in the entertainment industry.

Chip MacGregor, Former Taylor University Fort Wayne, Indiana Professional Writing Professor; Literary Agent

As a publishing professional and as an instructor, I find great pleasure in working with that bright young person who has fully committed herself to her vocation and to her preparation for it. As a mentor, I have felt that joy working with Harmony Wheeler. 

Harmony has shown deep commitment to her work and to her development, both as my student and as a member of the Taylor University Fort Wayne community. Harmony has consistently supplied quality, on-time product in my classes and on the staff of our student newspaper, The Express, under my supervision. She has shown that she can work either independently or as a team player, has a great respect for diversity, and has a good sense of ethics. As a hard worker with a desire to learn and grow in the writing field, she would make a great intern for any company.

Dr. Dennis Hensley, Director of Professional Writing Program at Taylor University; Freelance and Fiction Writer

Harmony Wheeler is self-disciplined and a self-starter, able to hit deadlines and meet requirements. She also is a pleasant person to work with, having a wonderful sense of humor and a ready smile. She has distinguished herself as a focused writer. I am confident she would be a solid addition to any organization in need of a person with good communication skills.

Kerry McCray, Reporter/Columnist for The Modesto Bee; The Modesto Bee Teens in the Newsroom Coordinator

I met Harmony a few years ago when I started advising The Modesto Bee’s Teen in the Newsroom program, in which high school students from throughout the area come together to put out a weekly section of the newspaper, called Buzz. It didn’t take me long to see that Harmony is a young woman with drive. She is focused, energetic, and organized. 

Harmony is a workhorse. She turned out story after story for Buzz, each better than the last. Among her more impressive work: a piece on how overweight teens find trendy clothes; a story on what it’s like to be behind-the-scenes at a Junior Miss competition; and a story about the growing number of teens who get tattoos.

Harmony is one of the most responsible writers in Teens in the Newsroom. She never missed a deadline, and attended just about every staff meeting. There are no excuses with Harmony. She’ll complete anything you ask her to do, and she’ll do it on time.

Perhaps the best thing about working with Harmony is her willingness to take on any assignment. She is also a clean writer and adept interviewer. This will work to her advantage at a newspaper, magazine, or whatever medium she is drawn to.

Harmony was a mainstay of our program. I can certainly see her achieving all her goals and more. I hope you give Harmony a good look when considering candidates.

Kesley Osterman, Writer for The Chimes

Harmony was a great boss. She was kind, considerate and understanding. She had a highly-developed nose for news and the drive to go out and get it. She showed a remarkable commitment to the newspaper, often writing multiple stories herself and putting in long hours to make sure everything got done. Harmony is a great co-worker and a fun individual. She has what it takes to excel at any news organization.